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a thirst project

Your Everyday Matcha

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After years of avoiding caffeine because I'm an anxious basket case and coffee easily throws me into panic attacks, I gave matcha a desperate chance. Shit. It was amazing.

Not only was I not anxious, I genuinely felt better overall. It was like a hug. I had more energy, I could focus better, and my general anxiety felt more stable. I had found a solution and I wanted to share it.

Through an extensive search, months of research, and several poor matcha purchases – I decided I wanted to create a matcha for designed for me.

We tested, tasted, designed, dreamed, and finally put down the deposit for our first order. There are months of work put into this project and we hope you enjoy this new little project of ours.

Thank you for giving us a try and thank you for being a friend,


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Why Matcha?

Calm Energy

Unlike coffee, matcha provides hours of calm, stable energy. Due to a high concentration of L-theanine, caffeine absorption is regulated so you won’t be jittery nor will you crash.


While we aren’t scientists or doctors, there are many studies that have suggested drinking matcha regularly may protect your liver, boost brain function, prevent cancer, promote heart health, and even help you lose weight.


Our ceremonial grade matcha is grown in the tea fields of Kagoshima, Japan. The matcha is hand-picked and stone ground before being packaged and sealed for freshness. It’s vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Catacomb Matcha Powder


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Contains ceremonial grade matcha powder to make tea, lattes, ice cream, baked goods, cocktails, and much more. Get creative.

The tin contains 30g (1oz) of ceremonial grade matcha powder while the bag contains 100g (3.5oz). The 30g tin is great for 30 servings – perfect for a month of daily matcha and the 100g bag is great for tin refills, roommates and soulmates, super savers, and matcha addicts.

Our matcha ships FREE!